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Richer Music understands the worry and uncertainty that comes with the coronavirus pandemic. Over the last 3 months, we have been working hard with both our clients and artists to ensure that even though their original event date has been unable to take place, they can feel happy and secure that it can take place at another time with minimal alterations. 

Most of our customers have given us a new date for their event and our artists have been happy to change. There have been no extra costs involved and Richer Music has reissued contracts for the new date. This means that our customers have still got the same act they booked before for their new future date. Some of our customers still wish their date to go ahead and have allocated spaces for their band or entertainer. We have been suggesting soloists, DJs or even 3 piece bands to keep the numbers lower. 

Below are some FAQs we have experienced by our clients. 

What if the act is not free on the new date? 

Richer Music looks after our customers and if the act is not free on the new date that you give us, we will offer a similar act as a replacement. Occasionally, this may incur additional costs or could even turn out cheaper. 

Can I still go ahead with my booking? 

The Government guidelines at the moment have mentioned that weddings can take place from 4th July; however, social distancing measures will be in place and only a maximum of 30 guests are allowed. This has given hope to our customers but we know that their event will look different than before and so it may be that having an act for your special day will no longer be possible. 

As long as your event can still go ahead, a cancellation made on your behalf would be thought of as a precaution and therefore would be classed as a cancellation. Our artist could then claim cancellation fees to cover loss of income. The support we have given our clients is that we feel that if your event that you have taken a lot of time into and money will not be the same as before the pandemic, then postponing and moving your event to another date in the future when your event can take place as originally planned might be the better option. The act you picked will be able to perform as intended. 

How do I make changes to my booking?

Richer Music takes the stress out of this by chatting through the changes and reissuing a contract for you to sign. 

How much will it cost to change my booking?

No costs will be incurred if the event is simply changing when it is happening. If the act changes, then this might incur some cost or even save you money, depending on which act you have gone for. 

How to move forward? 

This is still quite an uncertain time for our customers and things may still look very different in the months to come. We are here to help and want to chat with you to talk about your situation and help as best we can. Everyone’s situation is different so please get in touch. 

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